About the author

Simon Todd is a highly experienced Technical Solution Specialist at Intel with a career in IT spanning almost thirty years. Throughout his career, Simon has specialized in a range of areas including server systems, storage systems, networking, and virtualization. He has worked with several industry-leading organizations such as VMware and Dell, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience that has made him a highly sought-after expert in his field.

Simon is widely recognized in the IT industry as “Mr vSAN” due to his deep expertise and experience with VMware vSAN, a software-defined storage solution that simplifies storage provisioning and management for virtualized environments. His knowledge and experience with vSAN has helped numerous organizations implement and optimize their storage infrastructure, making him a valuable asset to any team.

In addition to his work in the IT industry, Simon has a keen interest in AI and its potential to help people with autism. He is currently working on his master’s dissertation, exploring how AI can be used to improve the lives of individuals with autism. Simon’s passion for using technology to improve people’s lives is evident in his work and he hopes to make a positive impact in this field.

When Simon is not busy working, he enjoys indulging in his passion for astrophotography. He is an amateur astrophotographer and leverages AI in his image processing workflows under STAstro on the image hosting website Astrobin. Through his astrophotography, Simon has captured stunning images of the cosmos and has garnered a following for his work.